Earning with Meridian


Meridian provides a number of ways in which investors can earn rewards and then compound these earnings over time. Borrow fees and trading fees from the protocol are shared through the MST staking pool, the MLP liquidity pool and the MST Multiplier Pool. Fees are provided as rewards for supporting the protocol and are distributed in the form of ETH and USDM.

To benefit from these rewards users will need either the Meridian Stability Token (MST) or the Meridian Liquidity token (MLP). MLP is automatically staked in exchange for providing liquidity to the trading platform whereas MST is a tradable ERC20 token that is provided as a reward for supporting either the Meridian Stability Pool or the Meridian Liquidity Pool.

There table below highlights how users can receive rewards from Meridian:

All rewards are based on preprogramed functionality of the protocol and do not represent any sort of claim towards protocol developers or any third party.

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