Stability Pool Staking

Earn MST by staking in the Stability Pool

Stability Pool

The Stability Pool is the first line of defence in maintaining system solvency. It achieves this by acting as the source of liquidity to repay debt from liquidated Troves thus ensuring that the total USDM supply always remains fully backed by collateral.

To participate in this pool users deposit USDM. Over time this USDM may be used to liquidate troves and in return the user will receive collateral and MST rewards. As troves are liquidated just below the minimum 110% collateralization ratio it is expected that Stability Providers will receive a greater dollar-value of collateral relative to the debt they pay off.

More information on how the Stability Pool works can be found here

Depositing to the Stability Pool

The current earnings APR for the stability pool is shown in the stability pool section of the main dashboard. Meridian Stability Token (MST) rewards are provided on a decreasing rate curve that incentivises early adoption whilst ensuring longer term availability of rewards. This means that the MST rewards received during the early months will be higher and will decrease over time.

To deposit to the Stability pool and start earning MST users first need to acquire USDM. This can be achieved by either opening a trove or purchasing it on the open market.

  • Go to the stability pool section of the main dashboard and click Deposit

  • Enter the amount of USDM that you wish to add to the stability pool and confirm

  • Following confirmation the section will update to show your share of the pool, any gains that you make through liquidations and any rewards that you receive in MST. It should be noted that the MST rewards are only updated whenever a user interacts with the stability pool and therefore you may actually have earned more rewards than are immediately shown.

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