Earn Fees By Staking

The Meridian staking pool distributes 100% of fee revenue earned by the Meridian USDM platform. Fees are earned in a direct ratio to the number of MST tokens staked by an individual user relative to the total staked by all users at the time the fee was earned.

Note that fees earned through the Meridian Trading platform are distributed via the Meridian Liquidity Pool and the MST Super Staking Pool

To deposit to the Staking pool and start earning fees users first need to acquire MST. This can be achieved by either supporting the Stability Pool or purchasing MST on the open market via UniSwap and other exchanges.

More information on staking can be found here

How to stake MST

  • Go to the Staking section of the main Meridian dashboard and click - 'Start Staking'

  • Enter the amount of MST you wish to stake, confirm the amount and then confirm in your wallet

  • Once the transaction confirms you will be shown your staking dashboard, this includes the size of your stake, your share of the pool and the accumulated gains from redemptions and new USDM borrowing.

  • Initially the accumulated gains will be zero as earnings only start from when you enter the pool and they may also show slightly lower than your actual gains as the values only update whenever someone interacts with the protocol.

  • You can adjust your staking position at any time by selecting 'Adjust' on the staking card. Whenever you do adjust your position all gains up to that point will be transferred to your wallet and you will start earning again at the new rate dictated by the adjustment

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