Users can get discounted fees by introducing new members to Meridian

Referral Codes

Users can create and share referral codes to help introduce new users to the Meridian ecosystem. Whenever new users use your referral code you earn discounts on any leverage trading fees.

To create a referral code:

Once you've created your code, click on the copy icon next to the code to get your referral link, it should look something like this:<your code>.

You can share this link on any platform, e.g. Twitter, Telegram. When a user clicks on your link, your referral code would be stored with the user's account. When the user makes a trade they would receive a discount and you would earn rebates from their trading fees. You will continue to earn rebates even if the user uses another device later on as the referral code is stored on the blockchain the first time the user makes a trade.

The discounts and rebates will be distributed once each week as ETH and the rebates history will be viewable on

Note that currently rebates and discounts are only available for leveraged trades that are made on the Meridian trading platform. The referral program is subject to change and may be updated or withdrawn at any time.


The referral program has a tier system to prevent abuse through self-referrals, this helps to ensure that referrers receive the rebates for the users they brought onto the platform.

  • Tier 1: 5% discount for traders, 5% rebates to referrer

  • Tier 2: 10% discount for traders, 10% rebates to referrer

Anyone can create a Tier 1 code. To upgrade a Tier 1 code to Tier 2 the referrers must have at least 15 active users using their referral codes each week and a combined weekly volume above $5 million

If your account fulfils this criteria, please email


Rebates and discounts only apply on the opening and closing fees for leverage trading. The standard opening and closing fees are 0.1%.

Referrer rebates are calculated before user discounts in this way referrers earn on the full maker fee. This ensures that the Meridian rebates compare very favourably when compared to other referral programs.

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