Managing Positions

After opening trades, you will be able to view them under your positions list in the Positions Table. You can switch between viewing the Positions Table and the Orders Table by selecting the appropriate option at the top of the table. You can also elect to view your orders and positions on the Candle Chart by selecting the Chart Positions tick box in the top right hand corner of the table.

The Positions Table allows users to view, edit, and close their positions.

  • Positions: Shows the current position (long/short) for token and the leverage of the trade

  • Net Value: Shows the total current value of the trade and the profit/loss both in USD and as a percentage of the initial collateral. The Net Value = Collateral +/- Profit/Loss - fees

  • Size: Displays the Opening Position in USD

  • Collateral: Shows the snapshot of the USD value of the collateral when the trade was opened. Unless updated by depositing or withdrawing collateral this will not change during the duration of the trade.

  • Mark Price: The current Market Price of the token

  • Entry Price: The market price at the time the position was opened or last updated

  • Liquidation Price: The price at which the position will be automatically closed

Clicking on the three dots at the end of each row in the Positions Table provides users with the options to Edit their position

Editing Collateral

As a trade ages the Net Value of the trade will increase or decrease as the position makes profits or losses.

When a trade is in profit it may be possible for a trader to withdraw some of the collateral used to fund the position whilst still maintaining a sufficient margin between the current market price and the automatic liquidation price. This can be achieved through the Edit Collateral option on each row of the Positions Table.

Similarly, if a trader wishes to maintain an open position on a trade that is approaching a liquidation position then more collateral can be added to the position. This can also be achieved through the Edit Collateral option. By adding more collateral a trader can move the liquidation position so that the trade does not get closed automatically before the market changes direction.

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